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  • 123 reviews
  • Matthew Calvano
  • via GOOGLE
  • I have found DigitalBit to be transparent in their transactions, easy to navigate and invest,
    and a great place to make good returns on my money. I have averaged over 40% annually
     on my investments and they pay dividends quarterly. I also able to reinvestment to my
     dividends in order to compound my returns. I highly recommend DigitalBit.

  • Paul K.
  • via GOOGLE
  • The simplest and most effective way for anyone to invest in real estate. Period.

  • via GOOGLE
  • i am very happy with DigitalBit

  • via GOOGLE
  • i am very happy with DigitalBit

  • Lew Feldman
  • via GOOGLE
  • DigitalBit is a safe, secure website that gives the average investor access to high-quality real estate investments.
    DigitalBit blends an intuitive interface with robust content and investment choices,
     which results in a very comfortable and profitable experience.

  • Robert J Primeau
  • great experience ... so far. Above average returns to date.
    The economy will challenge management to maintain this record.

  • Gerry Turner
  • via BBB
  • Great concept, continuous innovation, and transparent in dealing with their customers

  • Ross D.
  • via GOOGLE
  • I've been investing with DigitalBit since their second offering,
    slowly growing my portfolio over time. DigitalBit is technologically adept,
    responsive to customer service inquiries, and agile in the way they do business.
    The founders are vested in the success of the company, and they offer a good product
    that other real estate investment companies just can't seem to replicate.

  • Chris Chang
  • DigitalBit provides clear and transparent investment feedback on a consistent basis.
    Site is easy to use and navigate and investments, distributions and updates
    are easily tracked in the investor portal. It is the best crowdfunding
    company in terms of investing experience versus the four other companies I use.

  • Beau Stonefield
  • My only ask is I wish there was a mobile app

  • Robert Erb
  • via GOOGLE
  • I have been on the platform for almost a year and enjoy the ease of use.
    The returns have been good and I look forward to continue to invest on the platform.

  • M. Pflueger
  • via GOOGLE
  • What I really like about DigitalBit is the transparency and frequent communication.
     Though I am a small-time investor, DigitalBit makes me feel important to them.

  • Vick S
  • via BBB
  • Great company and constant innovation. I have seen other crowd sourcing companies -
    DigitalBit is among the top if not the top most. They have a good website and easy to setup investments.
    Hopefully they will enable users to withdraw money with same ease as well.

  • Paul Sahel
  • via GOOGLE
  • DigitalBit is a really good way to get investment exposure to real estate without the headaches
    and complications of purchasing property on your own.
    Makes investing in real estate easy to do and easy to understand.

  • Stan Termini
  • via GOOGLE

  • What a great way to invest. Love the platform and think it's a stable investment.

  • Chandra Innuganti
  • via GOOGLE
  • Transparency is their strength and they always keep you informed without any surprises.
     Communication is also what I like about them. I do not get way too many E-mails from them but
    at the same time just the right amount where you actually read instead of deleting them.

  • Kyle O.
  • via GOOGLE
  • I get very frequent updates about both my real estate investments in
    DigitalBit and the company as a whole (as a shareholder).
    They were very responsive and helpful the few times I reached out for help, but honestly,
     the website is so comprehensive and clear and their communication is so consistent that
    I don't think I'll have the need to contact them with questions or concerns anytime soon.

  • Nick Hilliard
  • via GOOGLE
  • Very responsive team and an excellent platform! I sincerely
    appreciate the updates and clear communication from the entire DigitalBit family.

  • Michael
  • via GOOGLE
  • DigitalBit has a user-friendly platform and is transparent
    about their investments, making me feel confident investing with them

  • Samuel pope
  • via GOOGLE
  • I liked the company so much, i invested in it. If your looking for a income stream
    for retirement and this is one the best investments you could find..

  • Mark Kitts
  • via GOOGLE

  • I've been investing with DigitalBit for almost 2 years and am very pleased
    with their product and service. Their investment platform online is very well done. It's easy to use and understand. If you
    are looking for above average returns backed by real estate, this is the way to go.

  • Michael Hemmer
  • via GOOGLE
  • I highly recommend DigitalBit as a great way to get into real estate investing
    through their many different funds. They offer a unique solution with low fees and high transparency
    when in comes to real estate investing and REITs. This is the future of investing

  • Dan Taylor
  • via GOOGLE
  • The DigitalBit platform is intuitive to use and gives great results.
     All the metrics are very useful and easy to understand.

  • Karen Ames
  • via GOOGLE
  • DigitalBit is a great way to get quarterly dividends to help for people on a fixed income.

  • Paul rijin
  • Nothing but positives so far.
    Return meet/exceed expectations. Been investing for about 18months now but i still prefertheir crypto program so 4 stars

  • Ryan
  • via BBB
  • The online interface is easy to use and understand.
    They provide all the normal disclosures as required but also
     a "normal person" explanation of things. I have not been invested
    long enough to get any investment back out but the growth has convinced me to re-invest

  • Mark DiRocco
  • via GOOGLE
  • Excellent company, with excellent staff. The idea is novel and has a
    foundation in an exciting paradigm shift I expect to see more of. You only have to
    look as far as the clones and copies trying to break into the same market to realize the validity,
     as well as market interest. With each new revision comes well thought out ideas
     making previous inaccessible markets available to the masses. I support DigitalBit with great vigor and am excited
    to see the marked changes they are making and will make in the real estate sphere.

  • Jacob femi
  • Clear understanding of what assets the company is investing in.
    Clear explanations of when to expect returns and how this slightly different
    investment system works compared to traditional investing.
     Being a novice investor, this is a great way to started with investing in REIT

  • Louis Mannarino
  • DigitalBit is an excellent investment for any investor.
    This company lets the small investors share in the real estate market with returns of 30-45%.
    Their service is phenomenal and easy to use. Highly recommended!

  • Christopher Carroccio
  • via BBB
  • Awesome platform. The provide great communication,
     have an amazing vision, and show excellent returns to investors.

  • James Yu
  • via GOOGLE
  • Excellent communication with investors, and a great way to diversify your investment.

  • Tyler Saldutti
  • via GOOGLE
  • I have invested in two DigitalBit products and am happy with the results.
    The process is easy and I felt empowered through each decision I made along the way. Good work DigitalBit!

  • Rusty Pickens
  • via GOOGLE
  • DigitalBit has been great! I've been with them for years and have been proud
     of both how well my own investments with them have been doing as well as how
    aggressive and innovative they are as a company. Being invested in property alongside your
     neighbors for areas of your own neighborhood is amazing on its own, especially through
     DigitalBit which makes it possible. But then to see their ETF and REIT offerings coming along
    where we can now reinvest in things they're managing and markets they're going after is very helpful.
    Highly recommended, very innovative, and a great company to be associated with and invested in.

  • Bernard chambers
  • via GOOGLE
  • Great customer experience! DigitalBit innovative solutions might be
     of interest for selected investors willing to access private real estate deals.

  • Wicksell Metellus
  • via GOOGLE
  • As a novice investor, DigitalBit has done an excellent job easing me onto their
    platform while giving me the tools and support I need to get up to speed in this space.
    The platform itself is intuitive and easy to use. From a customer service standpoint,
     DigitalBit really seems to be customer centric and display a real appreciation for those that invest (novices and experts alike).
    Whenever I log on to the platform or get an email I get reassured that I made the right choice investing with DigitalBit.

  • Anon
  • via GOOGLE
  • great interface, steady cash flow, nice diversification of deals, ahead of the curve in many ways.

  • Joseph W.
  • via GOOGLE

  • I do not have spendable income as a traditional investor would. DigitalBit afforded me the
    opportunity to invest in real estate with a small investment. So far I am impressed with the returns on my investment!

  • Loren
  • via A+

  • DigitalBit is exactly what they claim to be. I have had no difficulty or problem with their
    easy to understand formats and web presence. I am more than pleased with the results and reporting

  • anonymous
  • via GOOGLE

  • Well run, returns meet or exceed expectations, beautiful UI, alignment of stated values and actions.

  • Jeff Otterby
  • via GOOGLE
  • I have been very pleased with the communication, low fees, and transparency of DigitalBit.
    I have had a great return on my investment and feel confident in the leadership in place

  • Luis
  • Good platform . It's been evolving . Sometimes a bit confusing to understand

  • Guillermo Gomez

  • Great investment vehicle!

  • Thomas Johnson
  • via A+
  • The easiest method that I've ever used to invest in real estate. Quick, fast, and reliable!

  • Andy Lau
  • via GOOGLE
  • DigitalBit has been nothing but a great experience. I'm excited in what they're trying to accomplish,
    and they're really upfront about their actions.

  • Stanislav Rozenblat
  • via A+
  • DigitalBit is an innovative platform that makes it easy and inexpensive to invest in real estate.
    They fairly assess the risk and are transparent about fees, (low). I have been involved in
     both private equity and public market real estate for over a decade, use it myself,
    and would recommend DigitalBit for both investors new to real estate or who just want to diversify,
    and experienced real estate investors.

  • Nick Forbes
  • I love the DigitalBit platform. It's got a clean, easy to use format.
     It shows you everything you want to know in an easily understood format. Best of all I am making great returns.

  • Paul P.
  • What an easy way to invest in commercial real estate. DigitalBit 's platform
    is by far the best in the crowd funding space. I invested last year and, like clockwork,
    I've received the distributions each quarter.

  • Kent Bauer
  • I hope you keep investing just the way you have in the past.
    I sure won't have any trouble recommending to my investor friends.

  • Robert A.
  • via GOOGLE
  • DigitalBit is an excellent option for the everyday investor to get access to real estate opportunities.
     The technology is top notch and the investment performance has been as good or better than I ever expected.
    Keep up the great work.

  • Emmanuel T.
  • DigitalBit is transparent with its investments and has fees that are lower than its public counterparts.

  • JCB
  • Easy to use platform. Easy to understand Investments. Not much opportunities is the only issue that I see though.

  • James Girgenti
  • I have had nothing short of a great experience in all the years I have been with DigitalBit.
     Knowledgeable people & a very innovative platform that allows me to diversify my portfolio into the real estate marketplace.

  • Alex Lichtenfels
  • via GOOGLE
  • Very good investment platform. Its very exciting to know that you own a piece of various properties around the country.

  • Investor - KM
  • via GOOGLE
  • The strongest endorsement I can give to DigitalBit is that I trust them.
    They have always done exactly what they said they were going to do, and I have
    benefited from their financial decisions. I have received dividends regularly, and if I'm not mistaken,
    every one of them has been 10% or greater (annualized). The website is easy to use and the staff are very responsive
    to my questions (same day answers). I have absolutely nothing negative to say about this fund.
    I'm glad to be an investing member.

  • anonymous
  • Awesome team ..

  • Alexander Dubinski
  • via GOOGLE
  • Perfect transparency, technology and ease of use. I love DigitalBit and will be a customer/investor for life!

  • Jensen John
  • via A+
  • Regular dividends, transparent and frequent communications on the investment decisions,
    expanding portfolio are some of the things that I like about DigitalBit.

  • Jeff W.
  • via GOOGLE
  • They are very responsive to any questions. The site is very user-friendly and it is a great investment!

  • James Mazur
  • DigitalBit has been an excellent company to work with so far.
    I love their transparency about the goings-on of their investments.
    They have good articles and always seem open to feedback. Also, the returns have been excellent so far,
    though I know it is possible that could change.

  • Robert Erich
  • via GOOGLE
  • DigitalBit has provided me with consistent returns over the last two years.
    Additionally, their team has been incredibly responsive to questions and comments
    regarding their investments and fiscal stability. This is truly a revolutionary company
    bringing new investment opportunities to everyday people. I love it!

  • via GOOGLE
  • Great investment opportunity. I've been investing with DigitalBit since the beginning.

  • Thanigai Ranganathan
  • via A+
  • I'm an investor in DigitalBit, with my first purchase with a small amount around mid-2016.
     Since I started I've made 2 further small rounds of investments. Considering the investment world and horizon,
     this is too short a window to make any conclusion. But, I remain confident that DigitalBit
    model will pay-off for the customers and investors alike, in the long run.

  • Mohamed Rafiq
  • via GOOGLE
  • From a technology perspective they are Innovative, investment standpoint offering good returns and
    from a communication perspective a open and transparent company, happy to invest and be part of their journey!

  • Ryan
  • via GOOGLE
  • DigitalBit provides a way for new and sophisticated investors alike to diversify into
    real estate in deals that this level of investor would normally not have access to.
     DigitalBit accomplishes its goal of bridging the gap between individual and institutional investors.

  • R. Moroney
  • Happy that we invested 25% of our assets with DigitalBit.
    Great communication grin the company about new opportunities and new properties.
     Happy too with the recent improvements, like dividend reinvestment.
    We recently added some extra funds to our account, the money was fully invested very quickly.

  • Casey
  • via GOOGLE
  • Great company. Above average returns in the couple years I've been investing with them.
    Will continue to add to my portfolio.

  • dennis sim
  • via GOOGLE
  • A new and alternative way for eligible investors to participate in another asset class with low cost,
    albeit higher risk due to the investment profiles of the collateral.

  • Richard
  • via GOOGLE
  • Great website. Easy to use.
    Fantastic business model that helps uproot the non-traded REIT industry and
    put more money back into the hands of investors rather than large REITs and brokers.
    I recommend DigitalBit for everyone to diversify their portfolio into real estate.

  • david c
  • via A+
  • Allows for a low entry point to real estate investments. So far,
    it has been very stable and the returns are exactly what was expected.
    They are also very good at providing updates, notifications, and detailed documentation online.

  • Kevin H
  • via A+
  • Easy and transparent way to diversify your portfolio with Real Estate. Great returns.

  • Patrick McNeil

  • Great interface and very responsive and transparent.

  • James Blassingame
  • I've been with DigitalBit for about a year. Whenever I've had questions or issues,
    they have been addressed in a timely fashion. The company just keeps getting better.
    I have and will continue to recommend DigitalBit with anyone who is interested in a
    extremely solid long-term investment vehicle.

  • S Carruth
  • via GOOGLE
  • >30% return. prompt answers to questions.

  • Julia Taborskaya
  • via GOOGLE
  • DigitalBit puts a lot of effort into clarity and transparency.
    By providing investment rationale at the asset level, they give me more than piece of mind;
    I actually feel a pride of ownership.

  • Justin Meyer
  • Love DigitalBit - easy to use, transparent, great resources.

  • Jesse Benson
  • via GOOGLE
  • Great way to avoid fluctuations from the stock market - you can invest in eREITS that don’t swing when the market swings.
    These are still of course affected by the real estate markets, but are much less volatile that
    REITs that are publicly traded

  • Cedric Musisi
  • Von Herzen empfehlen. Tolle Erfahrung, tolle Seite, tolle Kundenkommunikation.
    Wirklich aufgeregt über meine Investitionen mit DigitalBit.

  • Freed Architecture
  • I recently invested in DigitalBit and it has been exciting to see all of the activity from this company.

  • goldenspinner208
  • via A+
  • Excellent platform for both new and seasoned investors.

  • Tyler Gentry
  • via GOOGLE
  • DigitalBit is such an Exciting platform, bringing Real Estate investing to the little guy.

  • Frank D
  • Would like more disclosure on risks. Would love to have a forum for investor conversations.
    The platform is easy to use and has definitely improved throughout the years.
     I have been investing with DigitalBit for about two years now, couldn't be happier.
    Recommend you review them and research them prior to making an investment.
    My goal is to continuing to observe and allocate more funds to my investments in DigitalBit.

  • Tieg Zaharia
  • via GOOGLE
  • I've started investing with DigitalBit end of 2016 after having
    compared several private real estate investment services based on factors such as
    investment approach/philosophy, performance and company history. Since then I've been very satisfied with the service,
    visibility/transparency of investments and performance. Also customer service is very responsive.
    I've been actually telling friends about the service and would highly recommend to others as well. Great experience overall!

  • April Adams
  • via GOOGLE
  • DigitalBit is a stress free investment platform. I will continue to invest with this company,
    and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a diverse investment portfolio.

  • Blake Druery
  • via GOOGLE
  • no reservations, I would recommend this investment company to anyone.

  • Victor Matoush
  • via A+
  • DigitalBit is keeping investing simple,
    they have a small team that keeps costs down and their returns are great!
    I look forward to investing more with DigitalBit in the future.

  • chen
  • via A+
  • それは彼らがそれがそうであると言ったすべてでした。それは彼らがして言うことすべてを含めて、

  • Lale Yurtseven
  • via GOOGLE
  • I've invested in the funds and individual assets since the early days of DigitalBit.
    For context, I'm also an investor through other sites like Real Crowd, Realty Mogul,
    and the like so I can compare across most of them. I like the DigitalBit website the most and have the most assets
    invested through their platform vs. others. I've also seen the most consistent results
    compared to projections and have seen capital returned through multiple cycles as well.
    I recommend DigitalBit to people all the time

  • kelly george
  • via GOOGLE
  • Great straight forward service. Opens this class of investments to a large audience.

  • Hayden Brant Keiser
  • Strong current returns and ownership of real estate with low fees is a customer friendly model.
     Wall Street could learn something here.

  • jose cortes
  • via GOOGLE
  • I am a technologist and have deep interest in innovation, product design and usability.
    In my opinion, DigitalBit has scored well in all three areas by providing a chance for anyone to become a real estate investor.
    I would recommend this platform as they keep investments transparent with one stop access to your portfolio.

  • todd Kantarek
  • This is one of the best new investment sites I've found. I love being able to participate in real estate investing
    (nationwide) without having to invest a fortune. I can build my investment over time

  • Chelsea Hoffer
  • via GOOGLE
  • DigitalBit not only provides excellent returns, it does so in a transparent and informative manner,
    with a platform that is easy to use and understand.

  • Dan
  • via GOOGLE
  • This is a fantastic investment and is absolutely great that you don't have to be an accredited investor to participate.

  • Ethan Langsdorf-Willoughby
  • via GOOGLE
  • No reservations whatsoever about DigitalBit. Whether you want secure (as secure as it gets) income flow,
    or trustworthy long term growth, my experience is that DigitalBit delivers.
    I have invested in both the direct to the public REIT, and in the IPO, and am happy with the returns and results.
    I also invest in stocks and own rental property. DigitalBit is an important part of my total portfolio.

  • Cody Kaczanowski
  • Do tej pory spełniał oczekiwania. Zwykle wymieniam je, kiedy mówię o inwestycjach z moim
    przyjaciele i nie miałem żadnych negatywnych opinii od nikogo, kogo znam. Wspaniałe doświadczenie!

  • Machemer Damien
  • With DigitalBit, the average investor can now access the world of private market performance.
    It's a great way to diversify your portfolio.

  • Adriel Quinn
  • via GOOGLE
  • Invest in real estate while barely lifting a finger. Easy sign up process with good rates of return.
    No brainer for any type of investor.

  • MacEwan Samar
  • via GOOGLE
  • I love DigitalBit. It allows me to invest in commercial real estate without needing to understand
    all the details of real estate contracts. It's perfect for someone who wants to be hands off.
    My investment is spread across many properties, which lowers my risk. Instead
    of investing a large amount into a single property, I own shares of many of them.

  • John Tanalega
  • via GOOGLE
  • Great experience so far! Love being able to see the properties I am invested in.

  • Benjamin Pyle
  • via GOOGLE
  • Solid company with a good guiding set of principles. Newer to the retail investor segment,
    but previously proven out in an accredited investor arena I find the approach to be a good supplement to
    other investment strategies, especially if barrier to entry to the real estate market is a non-starter for an investor.

  • Derek MacAllister
  • DigitalBit has an amazing user experience every step of the way.
    Their communications are thoughtful and educational.
    Their investment offerings are easy to understand and their transparency is refreshing.

  • Makayla Sacha
  • Enkelt sätt att investera i fastigheter.

  • Presley Jahn
  • Great user friendly interface, and easily comprehensible investment paths, and performance tracking.

  • Omar Moriah
  • via GOOGLE
  • A good company that you can invest in as part of your diversify portfolio. You can invest
    in real estate without the actual headache of ownership and with excellent returns!

  • Keegan O’Hearn
  • via GOOGLE
  • I read about DigitalBit online some time ago, and decided to try it out to see how it "works".
    I have been very impressed with their communications, investor relations generally and, of course, their results.
    It is VERY easy to manage the investment process, and the whole thing is transparent.
    So far it has been a great way for a small investor like me to participate in the larger
    commercial real estate investment business. After a trial balloon investment, I put in additional funds

  • Aidan Icenhower
  • Highly recommend this company. One of the easiest ways to get into the real estate market or if you're already in it, have
    access to properties you would have known nothing about. Did I mention great returns?

  • Genevieve Ulinski
  • via GOOGLE
  • I love being able to invest in large real estate deals without having to be hands on.
    That's the one thing that always kept me from being a landlord. DigitalBit solves that
    problem and allows you to participate in some amazing investments without the hassle.

  • Ira Finley
  • I have been investing with DigitalBit for a while now.
    As a private REIT it has provided great returns and doesn't have its value swing with the
    stock market like the publicly traded REITs.
    I highly recommend investing with DigitalBit to diversify your portfolio.

  • Duncan Ullmann
  • via GOOGLE
  • I work in commercial real estate, so I looked into DigitalBit a lot before investing. So far,
    I've seen that their investments are sound and well-vetted.
    It is easy to get started and keep up-to-date with your investments through the website and email updates.
    This is a great way to add real estate to your portfolio without having to
    manage tenants or invest large amounts of capital at once.

  • Ryleigh Earnhardt
  • Mhínigh an fhoireann ag DigitalBit gach gné de conas a oibríonn a n-ardán infheistithe eastáit réadaigh.
    Is ógánach mé fós sa ghrúpa, ach tá torthaí maithe agam cheana féin!

  • Faith Eatherton
  • via A+
  • I have been very impressed with this company. Their service, communication, web design, etc, have all been top notch!

  • Giovanni Emiliano
  • I've been investing with DigitalBit for over a year now. It's easy, simple, and straightforward.
    You can set and forget - or micro-manage to your heart's content.
    I'm an amateur at investing, but unlike other online investment services I've dabbled with,
    DigitalBit has made me money and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to a friend.

  • Isabelle
  • via GOOGLE
  • Kuze kube manje, inkampani yokusukuma.

  • Juan Reardon
  • via GOOGLE
  • Great idea and inversion model especiallyy with the oppurtunity zones

  • Samantha Mabbitt
  • via GOOGLE
  • Great way for smaller investors to get involved in real estate deals previously only available to rich moguls

  • Kai Jaggi
  • via GOOGLE
  • DigitalBit is an easy and amazing way to handle your real estate investments. I’ve been using them for years

  • Mila Bacallao
  • via GOOGLE
  • ਡਿਜੀਟਲ ਬਿੱਟ ਇੱਕ ਬਹੁਤ ਵਧੀਆ ਕੰਪਨੀ ਹੈ ਜਿਸਦਾ ਇੱਕ ਸਧਾਰਨ ਸੰਕਲਪ ਹੈ ਹਰ ਕਿਸੇ ਲਈ ਰੀਅਲ-ਐਸਟੇਟ ਵਿਚ ਨਿਵੇਸ਼ ਕਰਨਾ ਅਸਾਨ ਬਣਾਉਣਾ ਮੈਂ ਡਿਜੀਟਲਿਬਟ ਨੂੰ ਕਿਸੇ ਵੀ ਵਿਅਕਤੀ ਨੂੰ ਸਿਫਾਰਸ਼ ਕਰਾਂਗਾ ਜੋ ਇਕ ਮਹੀਨਾ  $ 10,000 ਰੁਪਏ ਵੀ ਸੌਖੀ ਕਰ ਸਕਦਾ ਹੈ. ਜੇ ਤੁਸੀਂ ਆਪਣੇ ਨਾਲ ਸਚਿਆਰੇ ਹੋ, ਤਾਂ ਤੁਸੀਂ ਕਿਸੇ ਵੀ ਤਰੀਕੇ ਨਾਲ ਜ਼ਿਆਦਾਤਰ ਬਾਰਾਂ 'ਤੇ ਦੋ ਰਾਤਾਂ ਹੋ ਸਕਦੇ ਹੋ ਜਦੋਂ ਤੁਸੀਂ ਆਪਣੇ ਦੋਸਤਾਂ ਨਾਲ ਹੁੰਦੇ ਹੋ.

  • Nathaniel Haakenson
  • via GOO
  • Regularly recommend this company to anyone interested in real estate investing.
    Allows you to be apart of multiple different projects, varying in timeline,
    and DigitalBit does a great job of keeping you up to date on the progress/ money you've made.

  • Easton McNair
  • I put a good chunk of my savings in a DigitalBit account and have been making deposits monthly.
    There are frequent updates on account balances as well as the projects you’re invested in.
    I like the transparency and plan on investing with DigitalBit for the long haul!

  • Avery Cahalane
  • via GOOGLE
  • Nagy hozam, könnyen kezelhető felület és rendszeres frissítések teszik ezt a hosszú távú befektetésnek.
    Csak vegye figyelembe, hogy nem tudja visszavonni a pénzeszközeit, amikor csak szeretne a Betterment vagy a hagyományos REIT.
    Ha a 3+ évre szóló befektetést keres, ez egy nagyszerű választás, és nagyon könnyen bejuthat és használhat.
    Az IRA használatával a magas adók kiegyenlítése segíthet, de az MTC partnereiként a
    díjstruktúrája nem működik az Ön javára, kivéve, ha már meglehetősen nagy alapja van.
    Szeretném, ha csak kezelhetné az IRA-t a DigitalBit-től, mint a Betterment.

  • Lucas Dankenbring
  • via GOOGLE
  • Getting a 35% return it's crazy.

  • Logan D’Apolito
  • Invest information is well laid out and easy to understand really does make things smooth.
    The overview page is excellent showing projected incomes right up front.

  • Benjamin FitzGerald
  • via GOOGLE
  • Invested in this DigitalBit a few months ago and the website is easy to navigate and find out what you are putting your money into. It is really just set your money and watch the interest roll in. It is that simple and the team does all the work so you optimize your return through real estate developments.

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