Earn better returns by investing in commercial real estate.

The “20% rule” states that an investor should have a minimum of 20% of their portfolio invested in alternatives like commercial real estate. This rule was made famous by the Yale endowment, which has outperformed traditional endowments made up of only stocks and bonds for the last 25+ years. In fact, an investor who invested using the 20% rule in 1995 would have earned about twice as much as an investor who used a more traditional allocation.

“Buy land, they’re not making any more.”

Mark Twain

How does real estate investing work?

1. Investment

An investor obtains financing and buys or builds a commercial real estate property like an apartment complex, office building, retail center, or industrial warehouse.

2. Income

The investor leases space in the property to tenants (individuals or businesses), who pay rent. After expenses are paid, the remaining rental income is profit for the investor.

3. Appreciation

The property’s value may increase over time. If the investor sells the property, they may earn additional profits from the sale as a result of this appreciation.

What makes real estate such a strong investment?

Consistent cash flow

Unlike most stocks, commercial real estate generates consistent cash flow (income) from rent. For investors in need of regular income from their portfolio, commercial real estate can provide an attractive alternative to bonds, which also generate regular cash flow, but generally at much lower rates.

Intrinsic value

Real estate is a hard asset – it provides intrinsic value through its use as a home, office, factory, etc. Real estate is also scarce. There is only so much land in a given area. As cities grow, demand for real estate increases, while supply is limited by geography. This is why real estate assets have historically appreciated in value over time.

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