Every investment is examined from every angle.

DigitalBit reviews thousands of investment opportunities from all across the country to find the very best. Every investment that we make goes through a rigorous underwriting process including but not limited to these four key areas:


Experience and track record Credit and background check Real estate portfolio analysis Organizational structure


In-depth schedule and budget Appraisal and cost basis Historical performance Property-level due diligence


On-site market review Supply and demand analysis Comparable properties Demographics and employment


Return sensitivity Break-even analysis As-is and as-stabilized Sale / refinance stress tests

Only a small fraction of investments meet our standards.

Quality real estate investments are inherently scarce. DigitalBit uses predictive analytics and proprietary due diligence technology to review a large volume of deals while maintaining our standards. Of the 2000+ projects that we reviewed in 2015, fewer than 2% were approved.

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1 Initial Submission

Top real estate companies submit opportunities to the DigitalBit real estate team.

2 Basic Screening

Initial screening to ensure investment is consistent with DigitalBit standards.

3 Detailed Underwriting

In-depth analysis, including an on-site visit by a member of the DigitalBit team.

4 Final Approval

The investment is approved by our investment committee and acquired.

Investments carefully curated by real estate experts

Seasoned real estate operators come to DigitalBit seeking capital to improve and add value to commercial properties. Every investment opportunity we offer is vetted, negotiated and analyzed by several teams of in-house experts before it is available for investment on the platform.


Builds relationships with seasoned real estate operators with expertise in their markets and sources commercial real estate investment opportunities for review


Identifies the most promising opportunities, analyzes and assesses the proposed business plans and negotiates the investment structure and fees


Reviews the opportunity, drafts operating agreements and negotiates operating structure to ensure the appropriate legal rights designed to protect investor capital are in place


Performs extensive review of all diligence items, verifies the analysis and assumptions and stresses various scenarios to ensure the investment meets our standards


Provides final sign-off on an investment opportunity from senior leaders across every department


Reviews and approves the offering materials that are presented to investors


Of the hundreds of investment opportunities we review each month, fewer than 10% meet our rigorous standards.

We’re with you throughout the entire lifecycle of your investment

We are thinking about our investors from the moment we receive an opportunity until we have fully exited the investment.

Before you Invest


We evaluate the risk versus the prospective return


We negotiate the deal structure with the Sponsor


We produce detailed information on the investment opportunity


We strive to help investors achieve their goals.

After you Invest


We care about the performance of the investment.


We inform our investors through an individualized dashboard.


We take action on your behalf


We're with you until the end.

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